Travel games for toddlers for pleasure and knowledge

Travel games for toddlers provide not only fun, but also education building knowledge and social skills.

Travel games for toddlers vary as oral, paper-based, gadgets-operated and tools-oriented. Travel can be by car, train, sea or air. Guided by the taste and talent of the toddlers, and the convenience of the mode of transport, the travel size games can be decided upon. As ever, travel games are fun-fueled, simultaneously purporting to promote development of mind and body in the kids.

We’ll discuss here some tips, recommendations and suggested “choices” for choosing best travel games towards these ends.


Start with preparation of tickets. The kids can busy themselves playing any of the following games. Cut ticket-like pieces from colored drawing sheets, and distribute them to the co-travelers at every wayside towns for learning the concept of tickets and travel. You can try printable travel games tickets also.

Using drawing boards, draw pictures with marker pens. The kids can make flowers, letters, chains and braids in their hairs with colored pipe cleaners. Telling stories and playing quizzes are other useful games. Cutting shapes and letters in felt boards gives kids a practical sense.

The kids can create sounds, and name the animals. They can sing or listen to music in the Player. Playing magnetic travel games where, kids can draw pictures using magnetic wands, keeps them engaged. The kids can be asked to identify shapes out of the clouds in the sky. A “Snack and Play” Travel Tray can be attached with the car seat for easy upkeep of their things including snacks. The kids would find them exciting for eating and doing distribution.

Fitting DVD-VCD-TV for the car is a great way to play car travel game for toddlers so they watch different car travel games and entertain themselves without causing any disturbance to their parents.

DVD car games which are designed for the road, are interactive, teaching the kids road trip fun travel games interlaced with contemporary music.

Travel games – our choices:

Car travel games for toddlers are a wonderful experience. These are road –tested and are free printable travel games for kids from this website and products. The travel games for the car are effective keeping the toddlers happy and productive all through the travel.

Encourage them to have travel maps, travel guides and kids roads Atlas. This teaches them their importance for navigating the roads correctly, giving an idea of the distances and places. In a sense, it’s a sort of travel game in a productive way.Playing cards games such as “Old Maid”or “Go Fish” is fun, helping kids during travel. Refer to “How to play Crazy 8s and Old Maid.” Kids telling jokes, stories, riddles and playing Quiz during car travel are easy and helpful.Magnetic board games / Wipe Clean Games- small and compact, some are all-in-one type of game pack. They have easy methods to store, and kids can be guided to play them.

Counting cows and other objects like vehicles that pass by as you drive along develops alertness, fun and counting skills. A lot of travel games for the car are still there, but before you come to know all of them, the journey may terminate when you reach your destination. So, let’s reserve them for future journeys.

Now some game-products and their feedback’s are detailed here for drawing swift conclusions on choices.

1. Travel Scavenger Hunt For Kids Card Game

This pack, coming from University Games, is great fun making both as adult travel games and car travel games for kids on the move. A lively, easy to learn and fun to play game, where toddlers can pass the time on travel looking for the objects found on the cards (such as red car, some sign or a particular letter license plate as ‘Z’) to be seen on the road as well, this travel game for the car contains 54 scavenger hunt cards for 2 or more players.


(a). “Nice for long road trips.”

(b). “A good game for car-bound siblings.”

2. Lauri Toddler Tote

Including two Lauri Peg Boards, 7 Pegs, Puzzles, and lessons on pegging, shapes, colors and counting, this Lauri pack proves an ideal fun-cum-learning car travel game.

Reviews read like:

(a). “4 years of play and still going strong.”

(b). “Excellent for travel.”

3. Educational Trivia Card Game – Professor Noggin’s Card Games

Having 30 game cards with a 3-numbered die, trivia, multiple choice, and true or false questions of all levels, this travel trivia game teaches US Geography, enabling 2 or more to play.


(a). “ My 6-year old loves this Professor’s series.”

(b). “Greatly helps the kids’ education.”

4. Melissa and Doug Flip to Win Memory Game

Coming with one game board, a two-player scoreboard and seven double-sided game cards, this Melissa and Doug travel games pack is Chinese made, and is a useful travel game for toddlers both for road and home.


(a). “ It’s a great kids travel game with fun.”

(b). “ OK for car, but heavy for planes.”

Travel games for toddlers are great tools turning the travel rigors into fun and knowledge