Top rated abc games for toddlers – provide preschool nourishment to your kids

It is the duty of every parent to start preschool process at home, when kids are around 2-3 years old. If you want your kids to be prepared with various alpha-numeric figures, then teach them with precision. Parents often face tough challenges while teaching kids, especially teaching toddlers in tougher. So, what’s the solution? The best practiced solution is finding abc games for toddlers. Learning through playing games will engage the kids in the learning process neatly. They will play around and will have fun, while subconsciously learning new letters and mathematical expressions. In the era of Smartphone devices, it is not difficult at all to find excellent virtual games for toddlers. Several free games 3 years old can be found.

Here, we have listed top 5 abc games:

1. Tap and Learn ABC

This is a useful small size application that will surely entice your kids. The application features several wildlife characters in cartoon format. It looks funny and the characters are very much adorable. The game has a simple graphical interface. It offers users to interact with it directly by tapping. Despite of car games 1 year old, try this game to make them accustomed with various alphabets.


2. Kido Magic Finger

This is another small size game, extremely suitable for the toddlers. The main character, ‘kiddo’, is highly adorable. Not just kids, even adults will fall in love with it. All you need is creating finger print animals and to feed letters to the main character of this game.

3. Montessori Preschool App

As the name suggests, this is an application that has been developed for abc games for 2 years old specifically. The graphical interface is colorful and refreshing. Learning chance for your kids is also high with this game.

4. My Backpack

This is an exciting virtual learning platform for the kids. They will learn various alphabets and mathematical expressions. The application is simple, yet highly useful.

5. Preschool ABC Ground Pro

Yet another very simple application, which is considered as an excellent learning platform or abc games for toddlers. Try this to make your kids to learn alphabets quickly.

Abc games for toddlers – our choices:

1. The Learning Journey Match It! Alphabet Memory

If you are searching for abc games 4 years old, we shall recommend this game to you. This is an excellent game that will help your kids to know different alphabets. The game is fun and your kid will definitely fall in love with it. This is actually the best of the best. The more kids will fall in love with this game, the more quickly they will learn various alphabets. There are hardly such engaging games these days can be found, having such interactive features in offering for kids. This is one of the most popular free online games toddlers. It hassle is free to download and install. Interface is attractive, interactive and highly suitable for kids. The game is compatible with various Operating System. Download it to your phone or tablet and give your kids an opportunity to learn alphabets before she or he enters school.

2. Spot It! Alphabet

Spot It! Alphabet is a multiplayer game – considerably an excellent family game. Play it with your kids and enjoy some good time. While you will have fun or good time playing with kids, your kids will learn new alphabets with this game. The game is recommended for 3 to 7 years old kids. If you want to provide abc activities toddlers, this game is a unique option to consider. Along with alphabetical knowledge, the game also enhances visual IQ and teamwork skills of your kids. This alphabet toddlers game will need your kids to find difference between similar pictures. Spotting the differences is fun and at the same time good for visual IQ. It will also increase reasoning ability of the kids significantly.

3. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set is truly engaging and highly suitable for kids games toddlers. From various aspects, this game is better than the free online games. If you seriously want your kids to learn from this game, then this will serve your purposes neatly for sure. The letters are perfect for tiny hands of the toddlers, the light action feature of the letters is also enticing. When you will touch, the phonetic sound will be activated and the name of the alphabet will be pronounced. So many letters are there in different writing formats. This will help your kids to know different formats for writing alphabets. In simpler words, this game is truly good for learning ‘abc’ seamlessly. It is recommended for kids, from 3 to 10 years old.

4. The Learning Journey Match It! Upper And Lower Case Letter

‘The Learning Journey Match It! Upper and Lower Case Letters’ is one of the popular as well as highly appreciated kids games 4 years old. It comes with 30 exciting puzzles and all of them are developed keeping toddlers in mind. You need to encourage the toddlers to solve the puzzles and they will definitely do that. It teaches about various numerical and at the same time alphabetical knowledge is also enhanced. In other words, this is truly a good preschool game for the abc games for 5 years old.