Tarzan games – teaching toddlers the ways of life

Tarzan games are online or downloadable free games for toddlers to teach them how to play games. There are a lot of Tarzan games available on the internet.

Tips on how to play Tarzan games

Tips on how to play Tarzan games

1. The Tarzan adventure games allow you to control Tarzan, using the number keys on the keyboard and access same additional features using the space bar key of the keyboard. These small games are easy to find online and even easier to play. Toddlers will get addicted to these Tarzan adventure games in minutes.

2. The free Tarzan game feature Tarzan runs through the jungle. You must guide him through the jungle safely without letting him get hurt. The health status bar depletes as Tarzan gets hurt and will lose one life. Eventually Tarzan will die and the game will end once all of his three lives are over.

3. Many of the free Tarzan games online are of puzzle type. These Tarzan games help your child to concentrate and find out the hidden items from the screen or solve a picture jigsaw puzzle. Memory game and jigsaw games are good for toddlers as they help in their mental growth. These free Tarzan games are really addicted to them.

4. Other Tarzan game online allows you to control Tarzan and fight off enemies while running through the jungle. Tarzan free games are only available online.

5. Toddlers who love to color will also find it fun to color up their favourite characters. Though online Tarzan free games do not have this feature you can download pictures from the internet and color them like they want or take a printout and color it.

6. There are even Tarzan online games that girls can try their hands in dressing up games. You can dress up Tarzan and Jane games online which can be really fun. You can dress up Tarzan in cool accessories to make him look funky.

Tarzan and Jane games

7. You can even play games of Tarzan where he is going to fight with the cheetah that had killed his parents. He avenges his parent’s death by unleashing many combos and shows the cheetah your fury.

8. This is totally off the record, but Tarzan the wonder car games are not a part of the Tarzan game from the motion picture by Disney. Tarzan the wonder car games can be found online for playing.

Tarzan games – our choices

1. Tarzan for PlayStation

Every time Disney releases an animated movie under its banner a game must follow it. Tarzan has been one of the most favorite animated movies among all the toddlers. This game Tarzan follows the exact movie story line throughout the game. The objective of the game is to follow the footsteps of Tarzan. You grow up as a small boy to become the full grown Tarzan. If you are not playing as Tarzan, you play as Jane running away from a group of baboons. This is also a Tarzan and Jane games. Or you’re breaking up the campsite as Terk, who is the female ape companion of Tarzan. The whole 14 level of the game is in 2D mode. The levels are also closely knitted with the movie. Tarzan game is really a good time pass for your toddler. This game is for PlayStation only and can be bought online.

2. Tarzan for Nintendo

As soon as Sony made the game for playstation, Activision had to produce the game for Nintendo. This single player game exactly follows the movie. You play as Tarzan most of the time but can change to Jane or Terk as needed. Game play is simple with the original 14 level game that was available in Sony. The same 2D feature remains intact even in the Nintendo version of the game. But just to look on the bright side this is mainly for the Nintendo 64 users who could not play the playstation version of the game. This Tarzan game is not like Tarzan online game.

3. Kingdom hearts for PlayStation 2

This game impales you to guide a young boy named Sora from the evil group called Heartless. Set off on a spectacular journey with Disney characters like Goofy and Donald Duck to find Mickey Mouse, their missing king. You even to see Tarzan as a part of the game play. This game is a result when creators try to merge in Final Fantasy with the Disney world. This game apart from the others is in 3D mode, which enhances the graphics very nicely. The game play may be a little too shallow, but it is really great to play such a fighting game with characters like Donald Duck and Tarzan by your side. Though this is not Tarzan game it can still be called game of Tarzan.

4. Tarzan Untamed for Nintendo

The viscous poachers have attacked the jungle and it is upon your shoulder to stop them from harming your friends. Play as Tarzan PC games in this amazing game play to stop the poachers and rescue your friends. The game is based on the Disney movie of the same name. Move throughout the jungle using surfing, water skiing, bungee jumping and power sliding. This is a 15 level game with each of the areas detailed up using 3D graphics. There are very less Tarzan games which are Tarzan PC games.