Santa games revolving around Christmas resonate with fame and name

Santa games and other types of plays for toddlers are available aplenty in the market, and you’ve only to apply your mind to choose the best ones suitable for your kids for their all-round development.

Santa games emanate from the world of Santa Claus, which is packed with Christmas games, episodes, singing and many other types of games for playing by kids. Besides, non-Santa games meant for toddlers also flood the market. These Santa games free and other games relate to a slew of genres such as action, fun, education and sports to suite the children’s quests. They are offered as online and real-time games, both under free and paid categories. Special advantages with Santa games online are that you can yourself review, upload and share your game with pals.

Games and aims:

From the toddlers’ games, parents aim their wards to achieve the following benefits.

(a) Spending time in fun

(b) Kindling knowledge

(c) nurturing behavioral skills

(d) promoting physical powers

Guided by these targets, the toddlers’ games are broadly classified as Free online, Interactive and educational, Xbox and Travel games.

For selecting suitable game, some tips and details are discussed here.

Free online games:

Internet is replete with countless online games for toddlers.  Fisher Price is one site offering online activities for them. Aside from the games being highly fun-filled and kindling, the site offers 13 games with a kids-friendly navigation bar.

Interactive and learning games:

The targeted skills for achievement are educational skills and social ethics, all under fun. Some prospective games:

Trying textures: Ask your child to trace letters on poster paper using marker pens making decorations using textured items. Toddlers like touching and learning.

Organizing pictures: They improve word and memory. Train your kids to arrange pictures on a panel and name them.

Singing: Teaching rhymes and words is an interesting game for preschool children.

Teaching counting: Arrange apples vertically and ask the toddlers to measure the height in terms of the number of apples stacked. This makes counting interesting for them.

Xbox games: Through these games, the kids can interest the whole family. They need Kinect sensor where only body movements matter for activating games.

Lego Rock Band involves playing as a team for achieving the lively Lego rock band teaching mutual help. For more, Visit

Kinectimals helps playing with animals. The animals react to kids’ movements in this game.

Sesame Street TV (Xbox 360 Kinect) This involves Sesame Street characters helping development of reading and maths skills.

Other Xbox games include Sunset Overdrive, Play Halo, Forza Horizon, etc. from which the kids’ educational and social skills can be developed.

Travel games: Easy to carry, Travel Cubes teaches colors, shapes and maths skills while Picture Charades for Kids fosters creativity.

Tips to improve socialization skills in kids:

Repetition and mingling with the kids go a long way in improving their social skills. Admit the kids in singing, drawing and baby care classes for understanding cooperative spirits. baby caring game and Amazon Apps are helpful in this.

Painting – ideas:

Painting develops creativity and manual skills. Finger painting – applying colors using fingers, and face painting are worth considering.

Cooking tips:

When you involve the toddlers in cooking, they become aware of the daily chores and the science behind all these. To carry forward this trend, the kids can play several cooking games such as cooking games on-line and pretend cooking activities

Tips for choosing the best online baby games:

  1. Acquire overview of games.
  2. Assess your child’s needs .
  3. Consult reviews
  4. Short list the games
  5. Study the games with child’s needs.
  6. Balance games and other activities
  7. Do final assessment

Our Santa games Reviews:

Reviews of some four on-line Santa toddler games are furnished for judgement.

1. Santa Rescue Challenge: Doctor X Christmas Adventure

Story-line: A free Santa game, it includes one map to track your saga, different Christmas levels, tools to cure Santa and his helpers, and a mini Santa workshop game in Santa’s factory. It’s an interesting Christmas Santa game where Santa and his men are in danger and you, the Doctor X have to save all.

2. Wubbzy’s -The Night Before Christmas

The story of this Santa Christmas games occurs on a Christmas Eve. Wubbzy and his friends are on their bed when they are awakened by the sweet sounds of Santa Claus and his reindeer. Kids enjoy these Santa reindeer game.

3. PUZZINGO Christmas Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers (Premium)

This is Santa game for kids, which are puzzle game with illustrations using voice actors.  Interactive puzzles on Christmas, New Year and Santa Claus fill this Santa online game.

4. Sweet Baby Girl Christmas Fun and Santa Gifts- Nomads

A fun Santa game where Santa’s helpers-the Sweet Baby Girl and friends are preparing for Christmas in their village making it a Santa village game. You join them and decorate the fireplace, bake, draw Christmas Cards, and play piano for celebration.

You can see now there’s a wide spectrum of toddlers’ game out there in the market. Tips and reviews are also flooded for you to weigh and easily choose the best toddlers’ game.