Top preschool math games – play and learn simultaneously

Kids always love to play and it is the duty of the parents to allow kids to play so that they can become mentally as well as physically strong. Playing is itself a process of learning. For example, when your kids play at the outdoors, your kids learn some important things about physical fitness. Furthermore, playing with other kids helps them to gain knowledge in performing team works or team based tasks. Playing gets even more fun and engaging, when kids get the opportunity to play and learn simultaneously. If you are looking for preschool math games or calculating games, here are some of the excellent game ideas to look for:

1. Teddy Numbers

For preschool math activities of your kids, you can consider this small yet highly engaging game. If you are seeking free preschool math games, Teddy Numbers will surely satisfy you. The game helps kids to know various alphabets and numbers. It also lets the kids to understand counting numbers.

2. Underwater Counting

For toddlers, Underwater Counting is an excellent game, which is available for Smartphone devices. If you want preschool math games to make your kids happy, choose this game and enjoy the reactions of your toddler. Various underwater creatures will be there. Your toddler will count them, as well as will know about them.

3. Ladybird Spots

This is one of the most popular preschool math board games. In this game, you have to count the black dots on the Ladybird. The game can engage kids for hours and this helps to develop exceptional mathematical skills.

4. Bees and Flowers

This is yet another delightful game for the preschoolers. The game allows kids to experience as well as learn preschool hands on math activities. Toddlers would love the graphics of the game particularly.

5. Adding Two Dice

This is yet another simple mathematical game, which helps enhancing basic mathematical skills. Two numbers of the dice need to identified and then they need to be added or subtracted. The game features simple graphics, but it is highly entertaining.

Preschool math games – our Choices

1. Peaceable Kingdom / Race to the Treasure!

‘Peaceable Kingdom / Race to the Treasure’ is an excellent game for the toddlers, especially preschoolers. The game has been developed to enhance basic mathematical IQ of the kids. It is suitable for kids, ranging from age of 3 to the age of 10 years. The graphics of this game is interesting. Game play mode and options are user-friendly, suitable for toddlers. Adults can even play this game for time pass! This will definitely help toddlers to learn counting numbers and recognizing alphabets. Moreover, the game will contain them for hours. It has both learning and fun nicely poised in it. The game has to be played in multi-player mode. However, if not 4, then only 2 persons can also enjoy playing this game.

2. Spot It Junior Animals

This is one of the popular preschool math games for the toddlers. The game is suitable for younger kids, specifically from age of 3 year to the age of 7 years. It is basically a card game, which comes with colorful cards having animals of different sizes. Between two cards, one common animal will always be found. The game helps enhancing IQ level, visual perception skills, reasoning power, etc. Small kids will surely love preschool science activities through this game. The first thing that will draw your attention to this game is the quality quotient. Packaging is highly impressive and friendly or appealing for the kids. It has to be said that the game has high educational values. It enhances IQ level quite sharply. The game has to be played in two players.

3. Folkmanis Snowy Owl Hand Puppet

For preschool art activities, Folkmanis Snowy Owl Hand Puppet is a perfect game for the kids. The best thing is that people of all ages would love these puppets. They are cute, adorable and highly suitable for kids. The eyes of these puppets hold realistic touch, which is the main featuring point about the product. The owl can rotate its head to 360 degree, which is truly nice. The soft and cuddly hair texture of these soft toys will make you fall in love with these. Overall, these toys are extremely suitable for the kids. Not just for small babies or toddlers, teenagers would definitely love them.

4. Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Developed by Educational Insights, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is an excellent educational game playing option for the toddlers. For kindergarten math activities and for enhanced vision promptness, this game has to be played. Objective of this game is simple, yet highly engaging for kids. Adult or grown up kids would surely love this. You need to collect different-colored acorns from the tree for filling up your tree stump. The player, who can collect five colors first, he or she will be declared as winner. The twist is that if you get a sad squirrel, then you will lose your turn. Alternatively, if you get happy squirrel, then you will get another turn. Manufacturer recommends the game for 3-5 years old kids.