Painting games for kids – boost creativity and improve manual skills of your child

Ideas, painting techniques and recommendations.

Painting Games for Toddlers

All children love painting and drawing!

7 main reasons why you should paint with your baby:

1. Children absolutely love it!
2. Kids can improve their manual skills.
3. Art is one of the best ways to foster your kid’s creativity and imagination.
4. You can discover that your small one is a talented young artist and help him/her further develop talent.
5. Kids have the opportunity to create something single-handedly, e.g. prepare a gift – a postcard, a picture or other creative artworks.
6. You can spend time together while…
7. …having a great FUN!

You can find a great choice of painting games for kids on the Internet. However, we strongly recommend to find a proper balance between online and offline activities: try real face painting instead of online face painting games or decorate a cardboard house instead of using just online coloring games or applications.

Try out some of our favorite painting techniques and art ideas for kids

Finger painting

kids can simply paint on the paper with their fingers. Encourage them to draw various shapes and mix different colors! Use not only fingers – use a palms and even lower arms. American educator Ruth Faison Shaw introduced this technique as an art education medium and wrote a book: “Finger painting: A perfect medium for self-expression”.

Finger paint paper and tray – creative fun!

Finger paint paper and tray – creative fun!


your kids can create a story using pictures or letters cut out from different magazines or newspapers. Encourage your children to mix different techniques, e.g. sticking those pictures or letter on previously painted and decorated sheet of paper in order to create a great masterpiece. Instead of magazines they can also use family photos and prepare a perfect gift for grandma or daddy.

Boost your kid’s creativity by using different painting tools such as toothbrushes or a comb and different materials such as stones or eggshells.
Some additional tips: create an art space for your young artist in order to avoid a mess (we use a simple wooden easel). Use only non-toxic, preferably washable paints and other materials e.g. glue). Buy some protective clothes such as apron or hat.
Still need some ideas? Check out Kindle Edition of Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media-For Budding Artists.

52 Art Lab for Kids

52 art lab for kids

More ideas and our recommendations

Free painting games: different art games at Nick Jrvirtual painting board and a variety of coloring activities. There are even a specific painting games for girls such as nails painting games or Barbie painting games.

Android application: painting program for kids

Studio Art Desk – your child is going to absolutely love it! He/she can paint, draw and store all necessary art tools with this creative kids’ activity studio. You can help to improve skills of your young artist with this two-in-one art studio (art easel and art desk + a chair). It is perfect to store painting tools such as brushes and crayons as it includes two large bins.

Studio Art Desk - Creative art space for your young artist

Studio Art Desk – Creative art space for your young artist

Check out also a natural Wooden Easel.

KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel-Natural

KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel-Natural

Check out also this lovely and practical painting kit for children.

Faber-Castell - Young Artist Texture Painting Set

Faber-Castell – Young Artist Texture Painting Set

If you do not have any idea for a birthday party for your small one just organize a face painting for his small guests.

Klutz Face Painting Pack – you can use it also for Halloween or dress up parties… or just simply for having fun with your baby. Let your kids be creative and give them a chance to decorate your face as well!

Klutz Face Painting Pack

Klutz Face Painting Pack

Pirate Ship – this is a great idea: your kids and their friends can use washable markers and decorate this cardboard ship. Have fun with your kids – customize the ship and then imagine that you are Caribbean Pirates… Important note for parents: it is really easy to assemble and store.

Box Creations Corrugated Pirate Ship

Box Creations Corrugated Pirate Ship

Are you looking for something unique or more advanced for your older kids? You definitely must check this pottery wheel toy – your child can create different pottery pieces, such as bowls or pots. It will keep your kid engaged for a long time and make him/her work independently on his/her own unique pottery piece. It improves manual skills and boosts your kid’s creativity!

Discovery Kids Motorized Pottery Wheel Set

Pottery Wheel Set

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