Learning games – educational games for toddlers

Most of the toddlers of 21st century are very fast. As soon as they are a little over a year, they start imitating the people closest to them. That is why many working parents prefer to send their toddlers to play school as soon as they start talking. It is seen in a survey that many of these toddlers pick up things very fast from their school. They learn to talk, remember faces, and recognize basic shapes, colors and many other things.

There are many toddlers learning games. Learning and interactive games not only engage their attention but also make their brains sharp at a tender age. Some parents look for educational learning games for their child, so that it becomes easier for them in school. But how choose the appropriate game for them?

Perfect guide to buy educational games for the toddlers

Games for the toddlers have broadly classified into four categories: educational games, Xbox games, travel games and online games.

Educational games

Preschool learning games for toddlers can be an interesting way to boost their interest in reading and counting skills. There are many such games which can engage them for a long time. If you are able to make your child sit then even you can enjoy their company for long hours. Play with your toddlers at home and sit down with a board of magnetic letters and numbers which can enhance their memory skills. There are many board games on mathematics with a lot of practice worksheets inside it. Combine the magnetic numbers with the wooden mathematical symbols to familiarize them with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs. This is not only helpful for the little ones but also for the older ones. Go to the online stores to purchase some good learning games.

You can also make your own activities and worksheets for your toddlers. Educational activities for the toddlers at home can also improve and enhance their reading skills.

Xbox Games

We all know that, when it comes to Xbox games, every member of the family whether a child or an adult get involved in it. Xbox games are getting popular every day since they titillate the kinetic sense of a child. There is a game called Kinectimals for the toddlers where the toddlers see various animals and recognize them. They can do a lot of funny actions which the animals which also copy nicely. Although they are easy toddler activities but the toddlers should do all of these with parental guidance.

Sesame Street TV is another Xbox game which is very interactive. There are a number of characters in this game who are given a number of tasks to go unlock the next level. It is a smart game where the characters inside the game interacts with the players (in this case your child) and take their help in completing various tasks.  This is one of the best activities for the toddlers.

Travel Games

Traveling can be one of the great experience for the toddlers, kids and the parents at the same time. They are enriching for the children, but at the same time it can be frustrating also to make a toddler understand what an important building a museum is. To make it easy for the parents, there are many travel games for the toddlers to make it easier for them. Some of the best travel games for the toddlers are picture charades for the kids. In this toddler learning game, the toddler does not have to show any of his reading or counting skills; the children have to use their imaginative skills to make the other player understand which place they are talking about.

Another game can be travel cubes. They have several activities which can increase their counting skills while you are traveling far from your house. This game can also serve as a toddler memory game.

Online Games

As soon as you type in your internet search engine, you will hundreds of online games and activities for your toddlers. By referring to those games, you can chalk out a toddler learning games at home but at the same time it is not possible to judge so many games. You have to sit down and find out the appropriate game for your toddlers. It is quite natural for parents to worry for their children’s safety, but then there are many good games for the toddlers. The best choice for online game can be fisher price. They have maximum useful games which can make your child interested.

Learning games – our choices

1. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

There are some games which can give your child the desired effect. For example manga tiles clear colors are an engaging game. Your child can be at it for a long time. This game is very useful because they can create many geometric shapes in this game. They can enhance their mathematical skills as well. Many parents have given these game five stars because it has help develop their child’s interest in mathematics.

2. Learning Resources New Sprouts Dinner Basket

Snap circuits Junior is also a very good game, which costs 20 dollars. Here the children can make up to hundreds of projects. They can build working models.Learning Resources New Sprouts Dinner Basket is another game that is great for your little princess. The basket of fruits and vegetables are good being learn and make up for a fantastic toddler party.Then there is the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn My Pretty Learning Lamp which appeal highly to the toddlers. The light buttons are of various shapes and the toddler thus has a good knowledge of the shapes. The baby learns to control the volumes and keys, count colors and learn about the opposites as well.

3. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn My Pretty Learning Lamp

All these are priced within your budget, on an average of $ and are great buys for your toddler.