Free preschool games are precursors to creative development

Spread over varied genres, free preschool games are great natural ways for kindling creative, social and intellectual skills in kids under the guise of providing fun.

Varieties of free pre-school games are available online, and as parents, you’ve to evaluate and fix some best kids preschool games online for engaging your toddlers most productively with a touch of fun. Based on the purpose and the methodology used, these games are classified as: (a).Online (b). Interactive and learning (c). Xbox and (d).Travel. For landing on the best quality games, some choices and tips are discussed below:

(a) Online games

When browsed, Internet provides you websites with free pre-school games online. Fisher Price site tops in this. It gives several games with an easy navigation bar. Its free preschool games online include identifying shapes, alphabets, etc. For wide choice, you can refer to check out now and download them for free!  You can select a few from any of the above for training your toddlers.

(b) Interactive and learning games

These relate to development of education and social skills. Some notable games in this context are: Cash Machine game: This enables pre-schoolers familiarize on coins and values, while the  Mini toddlers’ laptop with 80 great learning games! guides you on playing games in laptop.

(c) Tour the town

Take the toddlers to gas station, post office and hospital teaching them their significance. This develops general knowledge

Tour the town

Tour the town

(d) Xbox games

The kids can engage the whole family in the games. Played through body language, these games require Kinect sensor, a body recognition technology that facilitates remote control of plays using body movements. Lego Harry Potter, an Xbox game, that involves completing tasks and scoring points, and Kinectimals, another Xbox game that enables interacting with animals prompting their reactions are good games of this category.

(e) Travel games

These are simple and help make travel pleasant.

Travel Cubes:

These are easy to carry, teaching you counting abilities, shapes and colors.

Picture Charades for Kids:

No reading skills but imaginative skills and creativity for interpreting answers are required here.

Social skills and free pre-school games online

Help and cooperation are social skills to be developed. Both free pre-school games for boys and free pre-school games for girls teach them these right from their infants’ stage.

a girl with doll

Tips for developing social skills:

1. Training and mixing help kids in learning interpersonal capabilities.

2. Attach some new friends and encourage friendliness amongst them.

3. Create warm relationship at home through kind words so that the toddlers also repeat the same in their behaviour.

4. Admit them in painting and music classes providing them an opportunity to learn mutual helpfulness.

5. Arrange the kids to participate in baby caring games, doctor games for kids and Amazon Apps so that the kids empathize and understand others’ needs.

What painting games to follow?

You can also try  Studio Art Desk by displaying artworks as in a studio; and Klutz Face Painting Pack doing paintings on face as done in Halloween and functions.


Involving toddlers in actual cooking and in games exposes them to realize the importance of cooking. It’s a social skill.

Cooking games and household duty:

cooking gamescooking games 2

Cooking games teach the kids the daily works and the science behind them. You can try cooking games online for learning more.

After ascertaining the various pre-school games in the market, now the time for zeroing in on the best games has arrived.

Here are 7 steps suggested for your evaluation:

  1. Get an overview of the games
  2. Fix the child’s needs
  3. See reviews
  4. Short-list the games
  5. Compare games with needs
  6. Balance the online games with outdoor activities
  7. Assess the games and the benefits

Here, a few free preschool games are discussed here to help you finalise your choices:

1. Preschool-All-In-One Learning –Bubble School Adventure A to Z

A free preschool game download, this is also an apt free preschool game kindergarten, teaching kids numbers, animals, toys, vegetables, shapes and colors. Prepared by an award-winning education studio, this kids free preschool game pack is education-centric.


(a). “It keeps child’s mind active for fun and learning.”

(b). “This is a perfect application for toddlers.”

2. EduKidsRoom –Amazing Customizable Logic Learning Game for Preschool kids

Also a free preschool games download online, this familiarizes preschoolers with Time, Organizing, Letters, Puzzles and Shapes. This free preschool game online encapsules 16 games.


(a). “My 3-year old loves this.”

(b). “It needs improvement.”

3. PreSchool Educational Games –ABC Alphabet Aquarium School Vol I (Essential Applications For Kids)

A free preschool games download, the pack features puzzle games on letters, animals, sky,  animations and pronunciation techniques, all prepared by education experts.


(a). “I highly recommend this to others.”

(b). “Lots of fun sounds and characters.”

4. ABC PreSchool Playground-Free Kindle Edition

This pack is a free download containing doodling, playing and learning for preschoolers.


(a). “This is great for children for learning letters and numbers.”

(b). “Needs to show correct way.”

The tips and choices suggested are really useful, and you choose free preschool games accordingly so that they work as good precursors for bringing creative development in your kids.