Best educational games for toddlers

Choosing games for the children can be a tough job. Since this is the phase when they grasp whatever they see, the educational games for toddlers should be chosen with care.

What You Should Keep in Mind?

Best educational games for toddlers

Main categories

It is always fun to visit your nieces or nephews. But if they are toddlers then buying them gifts can be tricky. It is really taxing when you are going to shop toys for your own child as well if he or she is of this age group. So what is it that you must keep in your mind while to buy toys for them? Very simple. The one most important thing that you shall get into your mind is that this age group is the most adaptive phase where the child grasps anything or any action that he or she sees in front of the eyes. There are a large number of such toys that are educative in nature and children will really find them interesting. What you have to understand is the different categories that these toys can be placed into. The following are the categories:

  • Games that help them interact with their environment.
  • Games that they play online.
  • Games that help them develop physically like the Xbox games.
  • Games that help them know places far off, like the travel games.

So these are the broad categories which help us in selecting the games for our beloved ones efficiently. Let us get into the details of these types.

How can educational games be interactive?

There are many games that are available in the market where, through educational activities toddlers become more attentive and cautious about their surroundings. These highly enhance the interactive skills of the child and it helps the child to develop its own thinking and judging ability. Some of them are the color matching or category matching blocks from makers like Fisher Price. They help the children to develop sharper brains as they are subjected to various easy puzzle solving and mid raking games. These educational toys for toddlers help them grow cognitively as well as emotionally.

The alphabet games for toddlers are really worth mentioning. It is not something new, even in our generation, that is, those who belong to era post 70s, these toy alphabets are a must for each and every child. These were our first acquaintance with the edifice of the lifelong education and streams of words.

Then there are the online games

Children post 2000 A.D. are glued to the computer all the time. Internet has become so powerful that it has lured and enamored people of all ages. So when it comes to online games and educational video games toddlers want to play, there are giant production houses that make commendable educational online games for toddlers.

1. The Xbox games

These games are quite favorite with the toddlers, especially the boys.  The real cause for their popularity is that these are games that help you to stay fit as well. Whatever punching moves or shoots that you take at your place, the same gets replicated and mimicked in the game. Thus it not only a mere educational video game for preschoolers  or any such educational  video games for WiFi but a game that will help develop your body reflexes and is a good exercise as well.

2. The Travel Games

The travel games are good for enhancing the knowledge of the child about his surrounding also about the world. This also develops the spirit of adventures and toddlers also learn the ways to escape these difficulties and are great pastime educational games for toddlers on the move.

Let us go through some of the creative games and toys that help your child develop better.

3. Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart

With an appearance that is just like the ones at the shopping malls and the grocery stores, these carts adds lots of fun to the imaginative grocery shopping games that all kids especially the girls love to play. This not only enhances their knowledge about the grocery items but also prepares them to be sensible shoppers in the near future. Priced at $ this is the best kid-sized sturdy metal carts are fun for your kids to play grocery shopping. These make for great educational games for toddlers at home.

4. Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

Instill in your child the sense of responsibility with various costumes of the social workers. One such costume to enhance his role is the Melissa and Doug Fire Chief role. This set priced at $ has everything that a firefighter needs. With the complete accessories of a real firefighter, it will give your child the true experience of how to play safe. These are much more educative than the educational board games toddlers play.

5. The Green Toys Dish Set

While the boys keep themselves busy with the educational board games for toddlers when they are at home, girls love to play perfect hosts in their tea-parties. The Green Toys Dish set is the perfect thing for those lovely imaginative parties. Priced at $, these 24 pieces set is complete with all the utensils and cutlery that you need to throw in the perfect party. Made with 100% recycled jugs, these are super safe and Eco-friendly and can easily be washed in the dishwashers. Your child will love to have her meals in these toy dinner set.

6. Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Gil, Mr. Grouper, Lobster Bath Squirters

Priced at $ each, these bath squirters are the best companion for your child in the bathtub. These characters prove to be great educational games for toddlers at home. They give you various characters with which you can concoct various educative stories that will leave your child happy and knowledgeable.

So choose between the educational online games for toddlers, educational video games children would love to play and even educational games for toddler’s iPad if your child is a tech-savvy one. Gift your child the best education with these educational games for toddlers and be a proud parent.