Cartoon games – recall your childhood memories and keep your kids amused

Cartoons are always loved by kids, as well as adults. A lot of sweet childhood memories are linked with cartoons. Read this article to find top 5 cartoon games.

From 8 years old to 80 years old – everyone love cartoon. Is not it? Thus, when it comes to playing online games, a lot of people prefer playing funny and exciting cartoon games. Several funny cartoon games are there over the internet. If you wish, you can spend some exciting and refreshing time by playing them.

So, here are some of the best cartoon games that you can install to your Smartphone device:

1. Where’s My Perry?

Some people love cartoon car games. Well yes, they are definitely exciting, but have you yet tried ‘Where’s My Perry’? This game is based on the popular Disney’s cartoon and over the time it has got immense popularity as a cartoon show. Thus, no wonder kids would just love to play this game. The game is available for the Android, as well as iOS users.

2. Best Park in the Universe

Do you think that the game name sounds unusual? Well, ask any little fellow about it! It is one of those popular cartoon sports games that have been played by several mobile users. This was a popular cartoon show that used to be aired on Cartoon Network, a few years earlier.

3. He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe

Who does not know about He-Man – the most powerful man of the universe! Play He-Man game on your Android phone and enjoy some spare time. The game play mode is exciting as well as engaging.

4. The Simpsons game

The Simpsons used to be favorite cartoon show for many of us in our childhood. Rejuvenate your memories through playing such mind boggling cartoon games for boys.

5. Transformers Legends

Produced by DeNA Corp., this is one of the best cartoon fighting games to play. The game play mode is exciting. Kids from 90’s will surely find this game to be very refreshing and exciting.

Our Choices for Cartoon Games

1. Cars on the Move: The Kid Game Gold

Cars on the Move: The Kid Game Gold is an excellent cartoon game that you would like to play. If you are fond of play cartoon car games, you will surely like this game, which comes with excellent game play options. The game play mode of this game is very exciting and if you are truly a fan of cartoon games, this game is bound to rejuvenate you. The game features unique driving experience, having alternate controls in offering for the users. The controls are switchable. There will be strong challenges against you on the road. High traffic, moving machineries and roaming animals are some of the challenges that you will face, while driving on the road. 5 different levels are there, where new challenges will be introduced in front of you. Do not take this game too seriously as it is one of the cartoon network games. The car driving is interesting and the more you explore this game, the more you will be amused.

2. TooTooNi! for Toddlers & Kids

The name of this game is indeed funny and highly suitable for the kids. The game has been developed by PlanarSoft, which is known to be one of the best game manufacturers for the kids. TooTooNi! for Toddlers & Kids is suitable for kids around 6 to 12 years old. However, adults may also like this one of the best cartoon network car games. The game roughly costs around $, which is the onetime fee that you have to provide for installing this game in your Smartphone device. Nevertheless, this game comes with some exciting bonus features to offer. Kids can also learn a lot of things from this game. It is simultaneously mathematics game, maze game, picture puzzle game, etc.

3. Kids’ Cartoon Trivia

Whether you are looking for cartoon shooting games or simple mathematical games for your kids, your aim should be giving something to your kids from which they can learn some important lessons. From that aspect, Kids’ Cartoon Trivia is a perfect game to have in your Android or iPhone device for your kids. The game comes with some excellent features and over 100 questions are there for your kids. It will help in growth of their IQ. The game play mode is highly interactive and interesting. Not just kids, even adults may fall in love with those. If you are looking for cartoon football games, instead of that you can try this one for your kids. It comes with galore of fun or amusements and learning opportunities.

4. Little Tractor in Action Kids: Best 3D Free Driver Game for Kids

Of late, tractor cartoon games have become highly popular amongst the game savvy kids. These games are funny as well as exciting and that is why kids love them. Instead of trying cartoon car games bmw games, try out this game for unique experience. Costing around only $, this game is undoubtedly one of the best cartoon car games for kids.