Bmx games for tricks, stunts and acrobats

Though fun forms the basic platform, Bmx games are designed for taking the toddlers to a world of thrill and adventure in an effort to familiarize them with life’s challenges

BmX games are risk-ridden, beset with challenges. Only thrill-manias opt for these BmX video games which have wide scope for racing, stunting, tricking and leaping. But you’ve to be extremely cautious lest you fracture your body limbs while playing. But, in reality, you don’t have to worry as they are only BmX games online! These free BmX games include playing with bikes, cars and trucks, to name a few. Many are best known as BmXbikes games, BmXracing games, Bmxpark games and BmXstunt games. You gain points for the various manoeuvres you do.

BmX Extreme, BxX Park and BmX and Free Wheels are some categories where you bike over ramps to do various stunts and tricks. Other types include Down Hill Duel, Rocket Bike, BmX Ghost, Stunt Bike Rider, etc. All BmX games are not free online. Playing free online BmX games is possible with bikes, cars and a host of other vehicles, though playing with bikes is more fun and common, keeping you thrilled.

A few valuable tips supported with ‘our choices’ are mentioned here for helping you in making sound choices for your kids.

BmX portal for BmX Games- Why?

  • BmX games fill you with fun and excitement
  • Bicycles and bikes come with critical acrobats on roadways racing
  • Its BmX Park City has ramps which facilitate stunts, pipes and tricks in endless ways
  • The games are well-chosen to be of maximum thrill, fun and benefit to the toddlers
  • Remaining open 24X7, it casts no limit on the number of games you can play on a day
  • New games with innovations are added on weekly basis to keep you up to date
  • Customer support provides clarifications for doubts then and there

Tips and choices:

Refer to BMX Games and ultimate collection of bmx games –for playing the best games on the net; cool BMX games- for doing some wonderful tricks like 180, 360, Barhop, Smith Grind, 540 Gabellero and the like. Once you’re ready, jump on your bike, and take a ride along the sidewalk, a BmX City park or on a mountain way.

Ben 10 Super Stunt BMX is a popular BmX stunt game where the action hero Ben 10 plays tricks and stunts on his pliable bike choosing appropriate moments. It has arrow keys to move Ben in his bike and control his movements up in the sky, number pad keys to trigger tricks and stunts, and SPACE to jump.

Try BMX Park games to test your biking skills in a BMX park, accelerate freely, and jump over the ramps performing some stumps in the air. Arrow keys are there for riding and navigating, while S key enables playing tricks. D key helps tail whip, and A key back flip. Bmx parks typically have ramps for manoeuvres.

Next game worth trying is BMX Ramp game which is a flash game with scope for playing tough stunts. Two modes are available in this-Free Run and Complete modes. Use Up Arrow keys to Accelerate, Down Arrow key to Side flip/Jump turn, A key to Supermen flip Trick, S key to rotate the handle, and D key for Batmen flip.

Another popular games on the BMX portal is BmX Bike Tricks. This involves doing someTricks by imitating the symbols on the mat. Control is done using mouse.

Also, try cool BmX games on this website. You can find more testing, two-way communicative and habituating BmX games online. They are strongly recommended for your kids.

A few Games products are presented here in detail with customers’ feedbacks, and you may find them of great value while hitting on your choices.

1.  Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 – (Xbox)

This is USA made, and the only game where Dave Mirra, the champion appears. This game contains 8 big levels, 4X bigger than before, for the best in street, park, vert and dirt riding; and it has novel trick system, wall ride, manual and lip trick modifiers, the total tricks exceeding 1500.


(a). “This is the best in BmX games.”

(b). ”Dave Mirra gives you 3 minutes to do as much as you can.”

2.  Mx Vs ATV Untamed – Xbox 360

This pack contains many vehicles such as Dirt bikes, Trucks, ATVs and ORV for racing. 8 Racing series, Rhythm racing to introduce power slides, whips and scrubs are its other features. This is an Xbox 360 BmX game and a BmX biking games, customizable with increased acceleration.


(a). “A great game to play with kids.”

(b). “Best of the series.”

3.  Dave Mirra FreeStyle BMX

A BmXracing game, this is Dave Mirra racing action for the Game Boy Color, using 4 bikes and 20 tricks. At any one time, two players can operate the Game Link Cable.


(a). “A great game.”

(b). “Music was good and the game a good fun.”

4.  Xtreme Wheels

Presenting 20 tracks over different layouts such as jumps and hills, the game enables you to do racing even with elders for skill supremacy. You can earn new riders with increased speed and strength.