Baby games for girls and boys – guide to choose the best

Playing different games is just an essential method to make your baby learn and develop as well. Baby games for girls and boys when you choose, therefore, should be done after proper planning and considering several things.

Baby games for girls and boys – Tips To Choose One:

Baby games for girls and boysHere are mentioned some of the tips to help you look for a suitable game for your child.

1. Consider The Age Of Your Child

Getting into online search, you can find numerous paid and free online baby games. First of all it is must to consider the age of your child.  For example: if your child is an infant then looking for games to identify colors will be a great choice and vice-versa.

2. Games That Can Develop Your Child’s Intelligence

To pick up baby games online for girls, you should consider which games can develop your child’s intellect. You can search online or seek recommendations from your family doctor about the games you should give him/her.

3. Get Into Interaction With Other Parents

If you know someone who has a child of your age or is 1 to 2 years senior in parenting then you can surely seek help from them. They can help you in selecting the right game for your child.

4. Look For Great Games Online

Online search is one of the great ways today to look for anything you desire. For example: Just type “Games For Infant” and likewise in the search engines so that you can get apt choices for your child. Now, pick up the best from among virtual baby games.

5. No Adult Contents

While choosing ensure there are no adult contents in the game. Do check if there are any “Parental Guidance” sign or anything like recommended for “18+”

Baby games for girls and boys – Our Choices:

1. Dr. Panda’s Home

If you are looking for games for baby girls then Dr. Panda’s home is just the one you need. It has been designed keeping in mind the girls aged in between (2 to 6) years to make them aware of varied houseful household tasks in an exciting and meaningful approach. Dr. Panda’s Home features more than 20 multi part mini games as well as activities. So, your child will get to learn about the to-do-lists and responsibility by their own. One of the ideal games for girls baby as she will be managing:

  • Hanging Laundry
  • Making Breakfast
  • Mopping Floors etc

As soon as your baby finishes the tasks, she can earn coins to purchase fun-filled gaming items further. Great game for baby girls only are what this game is all about.

2. Color Dots – Infant Baby Game

Among the newborn baby games, Color Dots is something that you would desire to give your child. Apart from playing the game, your baby can learn various things in its developmental years. Your baby can learn coordinating his/her eyes well, recognize color and also develop fine motor skills. Some of the features this baby game features include the following:

  • Vibrant Colors
  • Popping Sounds
  • Multicolored visual tracking to capture a child’s attention
  • A clean & simple interface without Ads

Additionally, Color Dots enhances your baby’s mental stimulus, finger dexterity as well as response time among infants. In fact, this is one of the best baby games for girls and boys.

3. My Dolphin Show

My Dolphin Show is undoubtedly the fun baby game available now. A complete entertaining game as both the dolphin & its (dolphin) trainer are going to electrify you and your baby with their amazing show. No, don’t mistake it to be a small aquarium but it is going to be a big show as you see in a water park or sea. The cute dolphin in the show will make you its fan by performing the following tricks:

  • Hitting beach ball
  • Hurdle Jumping
  • Jump through the rings
  • Collect Coins
  • Donuts Jumping
  • Splash Audience
  • Air Stunts
  • Water Walk and lots more

In this game, you can find 39 outfits including marine animals and pets. So, nothing can entertain you as the fun-filled game as My Dolphin Show.

4. Doodle Toy! Kids Draw Paint (Fun Drawing for Everyone!)

A playful but learning app games baby for girls and boys is a small introduction to the Doodle Toy. This gives opportunity to your baby to draw, paint as well as create fantastic artwork and cool designs. This easy-to-use game will entertain your kid all through and even help to bring out the artist from within. Games for baby girls are always exciting as the toy makers come up with something extra. This game allows your baby to doodle on drawing/sketch pad, tab or phone for quick diagrams.